Saturday, April 9, 2011


As a support worker I seem to be given a lot of stuff. I find it very humbling, although I often find myself saying no as the generosity is too crazy! This week I've come home with new bed sheets and then today I struck another situation where it was impossible to say no! One of the guys I work with visit's a church on Saturday. I complimented this lady at church on her scarf (you can probably see where this is heading) next thing she's wrapping it around me and won't accept it back.  At the same time all the church ladies are oohing and ahhing!

One of those situations I had to say thanks very much and take the scarf graciously.  I shall wear it and think of all the lovely generous people in the World!

Ahhhh!  Which reminds me a few months back Ben and I were at a cafe where the people over from us kept commenting on various people and never once bitched but said lots of "they are such a lovely people" type comments.  I think about that day a lot, especially when I want to whinge about someone, it seems nicer to try and find the niceness in the World, though of course sometimes easier said then done :P


  1. aww :)
    yeah the niceness is easily overshadowed by the bad stuff hey - gotta remember its out there! :)

    Just quietly - YOU are one of those people bringing the niceness miss Fee, definitely one of the few people in my life that keep me from feeling swamped by the negatives!

    see you this arvie lovely! :)

  2. it's terrible where you really remember the bad experiences of the day and sometimes forget the good encounters! *shakes head*

    aww and thanks heather! looking forward to catching up with you guys :)


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