Monday, April 11, 2011


Had a rad weekend, on Friday night, I saw a bad called The baby seal club play in the city, very fun band who my friend Blair manages, so it was nice to catch up with him as well!

On Sunday I visited my family and got some more guinea pig, patting time in, turns out Skittles might be pregnant or just fat...I want to see tiny baby guinea pigs and steal one! and then Sunday arvo, got a rad massage from Heather, ahhh sooo good! Lovely to see my cousin and Dan :)

Apart from that I've been missing Ben far too much, I still send him a picture everyday this was the one from yesterday..
he he!

I also got some rad bathmats for my bathroom....
Does anyone else go crazy for those spam marketing crazy invention catalogues, I don't get them, but my mum does so I made her put me on the mailing list, ha ha ha, I love them, useless inventions! So that's where I got these mats from, the brochure said "add a touch of romance to your bathroom" hell yes! The set also came with a toilet seat cover but unfortunately didn't fit my toilet :(

ALSO most exciting news is that I may have some exciting news, relating to a previous blog entry! 
 I have to first wait to get some confirmation before I can reveal!

P.S.  No hot water since Saturday night makes for a stinky fee, better email the landlord!


  1. fee is your hot water system gas or electric?? - when in doubt, ask a property manager!


  2. it's electric, I think!
    We had our power switched off on Sunday with Energex for powerpole stuff. All the electricity came back on Sunday afternoon except the hot water, I assumed it was just heating back up, but it's now Monday night and still nothing!
    I want out to the box to have a look, ha ha ha, who knows what I was looking for, all the buttons were 'on' that's as much as I know :P

    silly girl! Have just emailed the real estate so hopefully it gets fixed! just boiling the kettle now for a sponge down :P

  3. ooooh!! exciting news!!! :D *hops from foot to foot in anticipation*
    I'm totally going to go back through posts to try and guess which one its related to! :)

    oh and extremely cute picture with the fingers *poke* :)

  4. it's probably not that exciting, but interesting to me :P
    he he
    *hugs back*


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