Friday, July 8, 2011

Friday Five

A nice collection this friday!
Let's start off with..
1) Kate Hindley a UK artist with a super delightful etsy shop! I really love her illustrative style which see's cute kids and animals done in a fantastic vintage-esque, children's book style!

2) Keeki Pud another UK artist who has a really fun style.  In her etsy shop you'll find pickles, budgies and some really sweet handmade cards!

3) Marisol Spoon a husbane and wife team from the US who write on their blog "We hail from the beautiful Appalachian mountains. Nature's enchantment, vintage aesthetics, off beat tales, and classical painting are some of our inspirations". Which is really evident through their etsy shop with many flawless girls in pretty settings!

4) Dadaya aka tiny toadstool is run by Shan Shan, an artist currently living in Japan. What can I say, she makes the most wonderful berets, gloves and scarfs! Nothing more magically than a toadstool-esque hat, I say!

5) And lucky last is Holli whose drawings are like entering into a cute girl's dream.. soft colours, sweet circus-es, cosey scarfs and teddybears!
lovely lovely lovely!!


  1. Awesome! Thanks so much Fee :)

  2. thanks for making such lovely art :)

  3. Thank you very much for featuring me on your great blog! Loved looking through your Japan photos- looks like you had a blast!

    Kate x :)

  4. aww thanks Kate!!
    Keep up your precious art :)
    thanks for commenting too!


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