Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Japan Day Three (the evening)

okonomiyaki in asakusa
So we started our night by going to Dinner to eat my all time favourite japanese food... okonomiyaki, a cabbage-esque pancake that gets lots of delicious things added to it!


as a side bonus you get to cook it at your table, which is always an added novelty!
We then wandered the streets of asakusa
revisited sensoji
sensoji temple at night
which has an eery coolness to it at night
Found out asakusa has a few arcades which didn't help our gambling problem aka skill testing!
japanese skill tester
We tried a few times on this one, even managed to get the claw stuck and had to get some assistance, in the end I think the arcade guy just felt sorry for us, came over, opened it up and asked us if this yellow hello kitty was the one we were going for *fee nods enthusiastically* and he  hands it over, awwww!
She never left my bag the whole trip

skill tester win

I also got stopped by a little old lady to tell me I was "kawaii" aka cute, awww!
Hang on what are little old ladies doing wandering the streets at night! Gotta love Japan

Perhaps she was at the pachinko, aka pokies. We found these lovely statues outside one, in our night time wanders
pachinko hot model statues

sake vending machine
sake vending machine, anyone?

and of course we had to do some puricula!


I miss you dearly Japan!


  1. aww so nice of the arcade guy :)

    everything looks so amazing, including the food!
    The picture of sensoji reminds me of spirited away :)

    And you guys are totally the king and queen of puricula!

    Man only day 3 and I'm fit to burst with amazement! :)

    ps - Dan pointed out that I'm a bit comment-crazy....sorry about that lol but you know just ignore me if it's annoying ;)

  2. I think the posts gradually will get smaller and smaller as our energy levels slowly drain away to nothing, thinking back it's no surprise I got sick when we returned :)

    Ahh be as comment crazy as you like, I always love love reading your comments!!!


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