Thursday, July 14, 2011

Japan Day Five (Mt Takao - Part Two)

So after the monkeys it was time to chillax with some kakigori aka a snow cone!

shops on mt takao
I can't believe there are monkey parks and shops on top of this mountain, actually no wait I can :)

paths of mt takao
We did end up doing some walking, cause with all mountains, the top you think is the top, isn't really the top! Felt good though not to be complete slackers and hey we're going to eventually walk down the mountain too, so it's not all bad!

further up the mountain you find temples or is it shrines? eek anyway, you'll find tengu statues!

tengu messages
wooden Ema, Tengu wishes!

tengu statue
more tengu statues

keep warm
baby buddhas keeping warm with their beanies

giant icecream
giant icecreams

and then the view of mt fuji!
cloudy day on mt takao
I think if you squint you can see it :P 
There is always much hype about being able to see Mt. Fuji from various view points across Japan, today with lucked out

After doing some trekking we decided to find the suspension bridge. Unfortunately there are no English signs on Mt Takao, but somehow we managed to stumble upon it!

suspension bridge

suspension bridge mt takao

suspension bridge ben

views from mt takao
ahh Mt. Takao, you are beautiful!

So we got back down to the area we had lunch at and we saw a sign to a chair lift which intrigued us.  It was at this exact point we kind of forgot that previous energetic plan to walk back down the mountain.

Next thing you know it's all a little too late

chair lift

chair lift love cats

chair lift down from Mt Takao
The chair lift was fun, and even though there was no front bar to hold you in and there were some pretty impressive drops below your feet, a nice netting all the way down gave much needed reassurance!

streets of Takao
So we departed the streets of takao

mushroom chocolates
I picked up my fav Japanese chocolates

and then we went to go meet my friend Adam and his mates for yummy Korean, at the hip trendy town in Toyko, known as shimokitazawa (trying saying that fast, three times in a row)

korean in Japan
grilled meat in lettuce leaves, wouldn't normally be a fan, but this was yummo and they supply a bib, something we don't get offered in Australia!

We then went and watched Adam's friend Dave perform, and it was stella
Followed by a Japanese comedian telling stories using pictures.  The general consesus was that it wasn't really funny or that great but as a silly foreigner with no understanding of Japanese I enjoyed it :P

But yes it was then definitely time to go home, cause I was buggered!
Made sure to select a beverage on the way home, hey it was pink and in the milk section...must be good....

strawberry water
Strawberry water...not cool!
I'm not sure what that actually says, but if it says 'strawberry milk' I'm declaring that company big fat liars!


  1. haha what the - strawberry water?? weird :) I can see where you would have thought that was milk - deceptive! hehe

    meanwhile - no bar on the chairlift! Did you sit very still?? lol heaps pretty though! :)

    Loving the beanies on the buddhas too :)

  2. yeah the chairlift was a bit scary! I did sit very still he he, but I think the next bottom would have saved us! lol

    I like how considerate they are and make sure they statues are warm during the cold weather! Even though it was summer, always a bit chiller on a mountain!


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