Friday, July 15, 2011

Friday Frive - Love Is Here

This Friday five features some rad Aussie artists all involved in the 'Love Is Here' project

1) First up is Holly Leonardson who is a multi talented lass, cause not only does she draw sweet illustrations she always runs the label pannikin, making her one cool crafty kid!

2) Second up is fellow Sunny Coast artist, Tiffany Atkin who has a really nice way of uses hand drawn elements along with various textures and colours to create her rad collages!

3) Rena Littleson is third on the list and does some amazing portraits! Actually come to think of it I may already have blogged about Rena before...oh well she definitely deserves a second mention and visit!

4) Josh Rufford is fourth up and has an awesome free style to his work.   Judging by his gallery, Josh likes to draw beards, boobs, water and monkeys!! humour in art always gets my appreciation!

5) Erin Forsyth is lucky last and does some amazing line work! She creates these 'Animals of Farthing Wood'-esque scenes, packed full of amazing details and textures. Eek, I wonder how many hours goes into each piece, I can only imagine...too many!


  1. Wonderful, thanks for sharing - I just found some new favorites!

  2. ahhh SO very much like animals of farthing wood! hahaha i used to love that show!

  3. Yeah it was the bomb! Who doesn't love animals bonding together aand going on a journey, pretty much the formula for half of the animals movies out there :P

  4. Hey BurntFeather! Just saw this post - Thanks for the rad praise! Awesome blog you got here. Cheers, Josh Rufford

  5. No problems Josh, you have cool art!!


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