Sunday, July 17, 2011

Japan Day Six (Tatebayashi)

Today was all about returning to my hood, aka the place I called home for a year, all the years ago!

train japan
Hoped on a train and off to Tatebayashi we go.

Two hours later and Benny is welcoming Ben and I at the train station! So exciting to see Benny!!! Benny told us he was our tour guide and after grumbling about empty stomachs we made a pit stop by the convenience store, Lawsons. Benny even drove to the Lawson near my old house, for nostalgia sake! Awww.  Apparently the lady working there remembered me from all those years ago, so that was super nice.

Benny had lots of plans, but I thought it would be nice to ride around the old hood! So we hoped on our free city hall, hire bikes and did some sight seeing!
ben riding his bike down the streets of  tatebayashi

tanuki racoon dog family
Ran into some tanuki statues (aka racoon dogs). These animals really exist, quite cute in real life but have become quite characterised, somewhere down the line in Japanese culture. The Japanese also decided to run with one of the animal's feature, aka large testicles! Mmmm

Anyhoo on our fee bike tour I made sure to go to all my old favourite shops
teddy bear

watermelon drink
picked up some sort of watermelon drink...very very sweet!

off house ben in mask
Stopped in at Off House, aka the Japanese version of an op shop where they repackage everything to make it look new again. 
Don't think that guy is too impressed by Ben's antics :P

We also stopped in at the cute pet store
cute chiwawa

baby hamster
eek too cute!

And finally stopped off at the park
tatebayashi hire bikes

where Ben made friends with some stray cats
stray cats and ben in tatebayashi

stray cat

tatebayashi park

the park is super pretty and famous for it's azaleas!

azalea flower clock in tatebayashi
Time flies when you're having fun though and we did promise Benny we would meet him back at two, as he had  plans for us! Ohh exciting.
I guess stay tuned for part two!


  1. Ahh your old stomping ground! :)
    Mega cute that the shop lady remembered you awww :)
    Those statues are pretty funny - I remember watching a miyazaki animation with large-testicled animals....must have been these guys! Hahaha
    Cool I shall stay tuned for the next part! :)

  2. yeah that was nice she remembered, she probably remembered all those awkward moments where I couldn't speak Japanese but was asking for something complex like an international calling card to Australia, hard one to mime that one :P

    he he


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