Saturday, August 6, 2011

Blue Hair

So I'm still growing out my hair for Ben and I's dreadlock pact.
I really dislike long hair on myself. I have really fine hair and the only option I see is to wear it up and since I'm usually lazy, that means up in a pony tail...boring!

I read two rad blogs that have both inspired me to refresh my head!

The first is The Dainty Squid. The chick that run it, Kaylah has the most rad, rainbow hair, she recently posted a hair dying guide too, which is really helpful. So even though a rainbow head of hair would be awesome, I'm not ready for the commitment that is, constant hair bleaching!  I normally just do sneaky bleached bits where re-growth can be hidden :P  Talking about bleaching, I experienced my first ever chemical burn the other night when I got some hair bleach onto my skin. Putting my arm under a tap for forever seemed to be the key for that one.

Anyway, the second blog, A beautiful Mess, run by Elsie, gave me the idea to go for blue dye after her sis dyed her locks this awesome blue colour.

I went back to the dainty squid to get some dye brand recommendations....Kaylah recommends Special Effects when choosing blue dye. Unfortunately, or maybe fortunately, Special Effects has a billion and one blue coloured dyes, so I then had to further investigate, aka google, the exact blue I was after. I wanted a navy type blue, something that could go over my natural hair colour but still show through with blueness. Everyone raved about the colour "electric blue" so after tracking down a store that would ship to Australia, I was on my way. The bottle sat weeks on my counter and I finally stopped being lazy and dyed my locks...

dyed blue hair

fee with blue hair

special effects electric blue
So happy and now I want to have blue hair forever! It's crazy enough for me and tame enough to still survive in Nambour without judgement, well I hope :P

P.S. Australia does have a brand of bright coloured hair dyes called Fudge. The only time I bought the blue Fudge dye, it didn't work! I even had it professionally done and the hairdresser was stumped why it wasn't working, so I get scared off Fudge blue, that was many moons ago though, back in the high school days, so perhaps they have picked up their game!

Can anyone shed some light?


  1. That looks really cool Fee! *wolf whistle*
    Can't wait to see it in person sometime :)

    I think your long hair is beautiful!

    But yeah I'm definitely hearing you about the frustrations of styling long hair, I'm tossing up whether to chop mine all off again or not...but then I think I'd like to play with clip-in extensions too so I may look into that - will see how my pink ones go first! Have images of them sliding out over the evening...might be a bit embarrassing with a head full of them :D

    Hope your weekend is going swell :)
    love you

  2. NICE! i likey too! i definitely would've liked to see you with that lovely blue colour of the sister of that girl's blog that you linked to (wasn't her wedding just beaautiiiifulllll!) but i totally get the Nambour thing! hahaha.

    booo to growing out your hair but YAY to dreadlocks!!! when's this going to happen? how exciting!

  3. Looks great!
    Ever since Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind I've wanted blue hair! And I'd like a green pixie-cut too one day;)

    I've had the same thing happen with a non-permanent dye. Didn't see a thing! Though that was closer to my own hair color than blue;) Don't have any answers though, sorry.

  4. Heather - Gosh long hair is a pain! I think you're pink hair extensions will look super pretty! It's so tempting to chop it all off though hey :P

    Emaya - Yeah Nambour is an excuse but I think the idea of bleaching my whole hair sounds like way too much effort and up keep. I'm just a lazy soul! Her wedding was super cool! Yeah still waiting for Ben's hair to get a little longer. He just got back and goes in two weeks again so maybe next time he gets back will be set to go!!

    Laura- how cool was her ever changing hair in eternal! Pixie cut would be super rad too! I think hair is meant to be played with, otherwise it gets a little boring, something I suffer from far too much :P

  5. I've been reading your blog for awhile now and I have to say I love your hair colour. It looks amazing. :)

    I'm from Gympie and I totally know what your mean about the whole 'Nambour judgement thing'. It's exactly the same here however it didn't stop me! I just bleched the underneath layer and dyed that once electric blue and another time flamingo pink!

    At the end of the day it made me realised who cares what other people think. I liked it and thats all that mattered. :D

  6. Aw hey Lana!
    So nice for you to introduce yourself :)
    It seems people pay out Gympie a lot, but I must say, I have a soft spot for the place :) Plus it represents the gateway to fun, aka rainbow island, di, fraser!

    So cool about your hair colour too

    Let's be the cool kids of our bad reputation towns, he he he!


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