Friday, August 5, 2011

Friday Five

Some admired artists of mine, for today's Friday Five!

1) Hideaki Kawashima A Japanese artist who paints portraits of characters with oval shaped eyes, emphasised lips and carefully thought out hair. He studied with one of my other art heroes, Yoshimoto Nara.  I think both artists have a simplistic style within their art, which for me results in visual loveliness!

2) Camilla d'Errico a Canadian artist who draws Japanese-esque girls with large manga eyes, big hair and incorporates cute animals and more recently steam punk elements *breathes out*.
Definitely appeals to my love of the kawaii!

3)Olaf Hajek is third up, a German born artist who does wonderful paintings incorporating flowers and natural elements. I love his colour palette, muddy yet bright, with a sparing, yet clever use of black. I would love to see his paintings in person to engulf all the details and the textures involved!

4) Andrew Hem is an artist who has an amazing way of creating emotion using paint. I feel for his characters that he paints, they often look forlorn and lost, wondering in their sad backdrops. I start wondering what they're doing there or what's going on in their life and I want to tell them it's all okay :P

5) Nicoletta Ceccoli luckily last for today! Nicoletta has a fantasy style to her art.  For me her works look like they have come straight out of a Princess's dream journal. Cute girls and animals are painted in a soft manner with surreal pretty landscapes to create her innocent Worlds

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