Friday, August 12, 2011

Zine Progress!

My Japan Zine is slowly but surely coming along, weeeeeeeeee!

drawing cats
Here are some, sneak peak shots, of the page numbers I've been working on

drawing lots of cats
Who's silly idea was it to have a different cat on every page!

Life is sweet at the moment, Ben's back from the desert which means going out every night, getting fat, having lots of adventures, ekka tomorrow, weeeeeeeee. I have been taking heaps of photos too, so lots to share!


  1. Eeeee! Those kitties look very cute Fee, can't wait to see the zine :)

    I'm glad you're having some happy times with Ben :) enjoy! And the ekka - that's always fun, sorry I couldn't come along, would have loved to!

    Miss ya pumpkin take care and give that boy of yours a hug for me :)

  2. It's slowly coming together!
    Pretty stoked for the ekka, hopefully I can last the day and I don't get too cranky and tired and cold :P he he

    Miss you too, hope your weekend treats you well!

  3. Those cats are looking cute, and how exciting with a zine! - good luck!

  4. Aw, love the cats! That must have taken lots of time. Look forward to hearing more about your zine:)

  5. :) Look forward to sharing more too!

  6. you're did a complete 180 and are loving on the cats now, aren't ya? wee little kitties are perfect for an apartment like yours...:)

  7. I totally did, some sort of cat reaction happened within me :P lol

    A kitten would be awesome!!


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