Saturday, August 20, 2011

Japan Day 12 - Part One

super dry in asakusa
So today's itinerary said "free day".
I decided it would be the day we would ride the famous Asakusa Panda Bus and 
find the equally as famous Asakusa Seiko clock which on the hour promised, 
"mechanical dolls re-enacting scenes from Asakusa's most famous festivals"...
thanks internet! 

So with my scribbled down internet notes we began our search. Asakusa is not that big but we seemed to get horribly lost. I remember from one of our night strolls through the streets, seeing the Panda bus stop sign. Re-finding that proved rather difficult. But I'm not one to give up, especially with the promise of riding on a free shuttle bus that looks like a panda...eekk. During our wondering.

mural at asakusa

We got distracted by graff, actually Ben did!
graff tokyo

sticker art in tokyo

Graff in tokyo

Took some happy snaps of Asakusa stuff...
mural in asakusa


vending machine asakusa

fee the fat man
ben the clown
and continued to go round in circles until I noticed a building all fenced off due to construction.
I kind of half joked to Ben that, that was probably the clock building, hence why we had never seen it before...and yup it was the clock building. In sheer desperation we followed the sign pointing to the temporary building down the road. I walked in and asked if the clock was still in existence. The lady looked worried and told me an English speaking lady would be in at 10.


The panda bus was still to be found.

Minutes passed, then hours, okay maybe just minutes. I was grumpy and decided to throw it all in. Ben stealing some movie line, I'm sure, told me we weren't going to give up, next thing we're asking some helpful Japanese man who just happens to point a few metres over and in broken English tells us they are no longer in operation

PANDA BUS. NOoooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

panda bus

panda bus
Such a sad sight to see them fenced up!
I figured we must still be suffering the onsen/minakami/bear curse!

I picked myself up and embarked on the next part of the day which was to travel to another place in Tokyo, called Ginza, which I had never been. I think there was a reason I'd never been there before because apart from the lack of cultural diversity there was no other reason to distinguish it from any other high class city. I wanted to go to Ginza cause
1)awesome toy shop
2)Alice in Wonderland themed cafe!

We got horribly lost again

helpful police man
luckily this lovely guy helped us

police officer and fee

Despite following his directions we were still lost until, the loveliness that is Japanese society manifested itself through a lady who not only helped us not be lost but walked with us to the toy shop, just in case, lol

The toy shop was good, but I think Ueno's one is better :P
rilakkuma at ginza toy shop

random sign


Anyhoo off to find the Alice cafe! I think i'll stop right here and say we never found it *sigh* though we did find this cute statue

hiding statue

and this awesomely large fat cat

fat cat in the suburbs of tokyo!

and cute buses
hello kitty bus

animal bus
Actually they may of been from Asakusa...anyhoo, this really cute Rabbit was definitely a Ginza find

cute bunny in Ginza shop windoww

So we never found the Alice cafe. I was really cranky by this point, sorry Ben. I suggested we head to Ueno for some park action to try and savage the day

ueno park crow

ueno park

ueno amusement park

swan boats

ducks and carp
Ahh cute boats, pikatchu, ducks, turtles and carp...helped to relieve crankiness :P

Stay tuned for part 2!


  1. Wow what a crazy day! :) Very sorry you missed out on going on the panda buses - they look AMAZING!! at least you could snap a piccie - maybe one day you could get a car made up like that!! Hey if sparkly ekka paint is possible (saw another car with that the other day ee!)then surely someone could fashion a panda face for your little echo! :)

    meanwhile - excellent face-hole cutout thing posing hehe always classic!
    and ducklings!! awww they would definitely have helped the crankies, so sweet how the parent ducks look after the little ones and herd them up and stuff :)
    That cat is insanely big...maybe preggers? Otherwise - woah! :)

    Ahh having such fun with your blog missy! sorry for the barrage of comments, you know I can't help myself ;)

  2. oh my goodness a sparkly panda car! now you're talking

    Oh yeah pregnant, eek didn't even think of that!

    I love ducks too! They're so cute...lets just say animals in general are cute, except spiders! I'll have to tell you my spider story one day. I was so brave and actually caught this, well let's say "mid size" hunstmen :P

    But yes....didn't have a good ending!

    Love the comments, never apologise for them!


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