Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Five

This week's Friday five is brought to you by some cool artists,
discovered via the good old etsy!

1) ChipmunkCheeks run by US artist Katie Vernon is first up today.
It's not wonder her profile says she is an illustrator and a florist, as all of her drawings come to life by the little bouquets she draws into her pieces.  How can you not love something as sweet as a hedgehog with flowers!
2) ilovedoodle the etsy shop run by Malaysian artist Lim Heng Swe. He writes in his profile "I love doodling, this is why all these started"
which is all the explanation you need!
Lots of cute characters fill his store, he has such a cute clean aesthetic which I love and only wish I was better at!

3) kinokogallery run by K. Kinoko Evans a female living in the US has the cutest style which brings me back to felt stained fingers tips, drawing on massive sheets of butcher paper as a kid
Happy colours and cute characters make up her store...well worth a sticky beak!

4) Bonbi Forest run by Uk artist Lee May Foster. Lee is one of those all rounder creative folk, her store is filled with the most delightful things from pendents to scarfs to beautiful artworks on paper.  Her work seems to be inspired by nature, from horses to butterflies to whales all done in a simple yet delicate way...very pretty!
5) Caroline Hwang is lucky last today, a US artist who simply makes awesome art! She definitely needs to stock her store up more, if only for my greedy self to be able to spy more on her delicious art! he he


  1. I always adore your friday five:)

  2. Thanks so much, I really enjoy putting them together!

  3. Lovely selection, thanks for including me!

  4. no problem, thanks for making super sweet art!


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