Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Cotton Tree

Cotton Tree

As I sort and edit through wayyy too many photos from our North Queensland trip I realised I never posted about my day out with Shane to Cotton tree beach

Shane at Cotton Tree

Hello Kitty and Beer at the beach

I thought it couldn't get better than a pink umbrella and a beer but I was wrong, cause the cutest couple decided to grace my presence in matching clothes.  I was sold on the matching outfits but when they whipped out their matching binoculars I pretty much lost it.

Cutest Matching Couple

You can't really see here's an EXTREME close up!

Cutest Matching Couple Close up
eep! binocularing in unison! If that's not love what is?

Pretty Clouds

Life under the Umbrella

On a sadder note my lovely pink toy camera (which took the last two shots) got lost in the depths of the rainforest's :( but never fear two more plastic beasts are heading my way! I'm still loving photography!

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