Wednesday, January 11, 2012



I hope Mishka will forgive me for spelling her name wrong, oops, she has been extra loving of late and thus willing to let me photograph her, ka-ching! I think she really misses her owner, Daz, who is partying it up hard in Thailand at the moment. I keep telling her, he is coming back but I don't think she believes me :P


She really is a nice cat she just likes to make sure Ben and I feel the hay fever wrath of her fur!


  1. aww, i love that last photo :)

  2. that photo was a nice moment, I saw her sleeping in a room and she looked so pretty, I ran to get my camera making sure to tip toe and not wake up her perfect pose...and she woke up! he he he, maybe making an even nicer photo....

    today she bought us a dead mouse..not so cute!


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