Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Day 5 Nth QLD - Kuranda to Daintree

barron falls rhino beetle sculpture

So after the butterflies, we stopped in at Barron Falls in Kuranda, not much to write home about, it was running a bit more dramatically last time we were there

barron falls

barron falls praying mantis sculpture

We ended up taking the inland route to Mossman and on our way followed signs to Emerald Falls, it was a nice diversion, cool landscape!

emerald falls flower

emerald falls landscape

emerald falls landscape

emerald falls


emerald falls
emerald falls termitemound
I love the changing nature of Australian landscape which I think is quite diverse in Northern Queensland!
From above to below!

almost to daintree

daintree lookout

We had lunch in the sleepy yet beautiful town of mossman, surrounded by sugar cane farms
mossman sugar cane

Then it was on the ferry over to the daintree where we checked into our awesome accommodation for the night
ferntree resort

ferntree resort room
something magical about sleeping, surrounded by a rainforest!


  1. Oh man, that hotel is super gorgeous!! like a treehouse almost! :)

    I love your photos fee :)

  2. yeah and it had a cool lofty bit up top! They also had the air con going for us when we walked in...snazzy, well obviously I don't stay at snazzy places much, maybe everywhere does it :P lol

  3. PHEW i've finally caught up! finally.

    that view shot of the coast is absolutely stunning! <3

  4. yay *high five* only 5 more days to post *breathes in*


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