Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Brisbane Big Things

A few Brissie Big things to add to the list..the ever growing list I might add!
It will be fun when I can compile them altogether :)

Big Cicada
"Big Cicada" in Southbank. I don't know if this can be claimed as a big thing, as it's more of a sculpture sitting outside the Brisbane Museum and Art Gallery. When scouting for big things the internet is my only guide and I think sometimes people claim something when perhaps it isn't really a 'big thing' :P

The Big Boot
The Big Boot as someone that grew up in Brisbane, I've seen the boot undergo a lot of changes, it's back now to it's original brown which is nice

My friend, Emaya, came along with me, for the next few big things, some more dissapointments though, you've be warned!
The Big Pie
First up Yatala's Big Pie. You can't really get a good glimpse of this one, so it was two thumbs down from us
The pie's also weren't as great as I remembered them!

The Big Gun
Next was the "Big Gun". Two words for this one...DON'T BOTHER! I think people got confused with this one cause the shopping centre is called the 'Big Gun'. The shopping centre was quite frankly, whack with a Small Cow and a Big Bull as well...random

The Big Bull
I would definitely rate the Big Bull over the 'Everday Sized Gun' but since Queensland already has a lot of big bulls, I wasn't impressed :P

The Big Red Back
We then discovered the best big thing of the day the Big Redback Spider!
After almost missing him (you have to drive into the landscape shop, peeps!) we were pretty thrilled to see there was an actual toilet in the outhouse

The Big Red Back Spider
Thanks Emaya for your rad posing

The Big Apple
Which brings us to the last Big Thing of the day, the Big Apple, again kids, do not bother! Stupid cheap trick of writing "big apple" upon this very small apple *shakes head in disgust*

 the addresses are listed on my flickr site, just click each photo


  1. Ahh big thing adventures!

    That big boot is that the one on gympie road? When Isaac was only a tiny tacker he loved that boot, called it "Woody's boot" from toy story :)

    I feel that the big T-rex near our house is worth a mention hehehe just cause he's cool, but he's probably not that big either lol!

    Looks like you guys had fun :)

  2. Yup it is the boot on Gympie Rd, aww how cute is Isaac...Woody's Boot, brilliant!

    Oh the dinosaur, totally forgot about him, I think the unoffical rule is that a big thing has to be at least 2m tall/wide


    We'll have to get a photo of him!

    Ohh and Andrew is going to come to dinner on Friday now too :)

    I don't think I'll have internet before now and then, silly virus, so if you need to contact me, msg on my phone is probably the most wise!

  3. RAD POSING?! Thanks fee! (: Gosh, every time I see a picture of that apple and the gun, I feel super let down! Ripped off fo schiz!

  4. I know! totally let down :(


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