Friday, July 20, 2012

Low Expectations Road Trip - Gayndah Lunch

So this is the final post, our last stop being at the Gayndah pub for lunch and heck it did not disappoint, neither did our long weekend holiday. Just goes to show you can have fun in your own backyard and well, it's always wise to have those low expectations :p

The burger I had from the pub was so good I devoured it within minutes and forgot to take a photo, oops.

I did however make sure to take a photo of that awesome love heart light!!

thanks for reading!!!

Final Low Expectations Recap

1) Kilivan Cemetry

2) Kilkivan Smelter

3) Kilkivan

4) Kinbombi Falls

5) Goomeri

6) Biggeden

7) Coalstoun Lakes

8) Congarra Rock

9) Ban Ban Springs

10) Thompsons Crossing

11) Gayndah

12) Gayndah Bridges

13) to Munduberra

14) Munduberra

15) Arthur Dagg

16) Munduberra Cemetry

17) Auburn National Park

18) McConnell Lookout



  1. Love the heart light! :)
    awesome road tripping matey, you got some awesome photos along the way!

  2. Wouldnt mind that love heart light in my room :p

    It was definitely a fun road trip!

    Heaps excited to see you guys, I have good feelings about the weather :)


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