Saturday, September 1, 2012

Day Three - Ulverstone

So Ulverstone was where we thought we would bunker down for the night but there were a lot of "no campervan" parking signs that scared us off, instead we played in their playground, ate some tasty fish n chips and took photos of a giant globe

So that night we drove to Cowries point which was listed in my free campsite print out but was possibly just someones back yard. Never mind we made sure to leave before sunrise deciding to add an extra item to our intinerary, Stanley! Stanley reminded Ben and then me, of the Tim Burton flick, Dark Shadows, so it was definitely a worthy detour!


  1. Lovely photos - love the one of you in front of the hedge - very pretty! :)

  2. Bens a good photographer :)
    Pretty spot too!!!
    Thanks heddie :)


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