Sunday, February 24, 2013


So I'm back where I begun. Just over a month ago (the day after, I moved back home) the family and I headed to Scarborough and now today (the day before my cast comes off) we decided on another trip back there. Although a much gloomier day, my outlook definitely isn't matching the weather. Did someone mention my cast is coming off *pops champange* :)

So I'll admit I'm slightly scared for the recovery process after the cast comes off, my brain is thinking, well you just walk! But I'm trying to brace myself for reality and pain. I am looking forward to the following things though
- having a super long bath/shower
- being able to carry stuff
- taking photos again
- making myself a coffee, it's the little things!
I'm also dreaming of shell collecting, swimming in waterfalls, running through daisey filled paddocks, you get the drift :p
In more serious notes my to-do list looks a little like this
- learn to walk
- learn to drive
- get my old job back
- find a unit and move back to the coast
Not so fun and a tad overwhelming but baby steps, literally! I'm on the home straight.

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