Friday, March 22, 2013


So I'm back up the coast, Ben is back, his house has chickens and I'm chillin here for the next two weeks :) Lowie is making me herbal concoctions for my ankle and today I headed to a horse shop for some horse strength gel/clay cures, the lady at the shop was surprisingly non judgemental. Catz another one of Ben's room mate is advocating the physio so with all these powers combined hopefully I'm up to driving within a week and I can start work and stay up here :) That's the plan!
Ben took me car-park driving the other evening and I can drive but not how I should be, I'm still hobbling but still staying positive :) *fingers crossed*

It's nice to see chickens roaming around the garden again :)


  1. How have I missed these posts - I'm a slackie!
    Have you got a job lined up? :)
    Anyway I can grill you next sat for all the goss hehe :)

  2. Hopefully there will be work at my old job *fingers crossed* for me. My medial certificate runs out on the 11th of April, I guess I'll just judge it as it gets closer to the date and see my doctor again if I don't feel I'm 100% ready :)


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