Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Baby Dragon - Mosaic Playgrounds of Singapore

A good stroll away from the Big Toa Payoh Dragon, you'll find yourself at it's smaller version, the Baby Dragon - designed to fit into the smaller housing estates.   When we arrived, a newer playground had been built to one side and some exercise equipment in front. There was also a sign reading that the exercise equipment was for the older citizens and the playground for the young. We felt slightly rejected that we fit into neither category :( I don't think anyone minded though since we were the only ones around :) The baby dragon was definitely not as impressive as the larger version but I appreciated it's design accommodating to smaller spaces.

Again I loved how these playgrounds matched the surrounding architecture :) 
You can also see the replaced sand base with rubber mats! *shakes head*


  1. These playground photos are so great - such an interesting subject.

  2. I love the photo of the apartment building -such awesome bright colours!

  3. Can't get over how great the matching of colors with the buildings is, so thoughtful! The color scheme and pattern of the rubber mat does look a little bit off, right? the playgrounds of my childhood were always with sand so this kind of throws me off.

    Great pics Fee!! :)

  4. i love Singapore's original love for color <3

  5. Thanks guys! Yeah I say bring back the sand :) Singapore's love of colour definitely made me have an appreciation for the country. Everything seems super purposeful, which I guess comes back to their limited space and making the most of what you've got!


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