Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Dragon (Tao Payoh) - Mosaic Playgrounds of Singapore

When I first started researching Singapore's Mosaic Playgrounds, the Dragon at Toa Payoh was the most heavily documented and for good reasons. Firstly it's the last dragon playground remaining in it's original sand base and with its original paint job - it's also incredible in size and construction and was named in Flavorwire's 2012 top 15 Playgrounds around the World. I personally love the Dragon's colourful spine and the way Khor Ean Ghee incorporated the two slides into the design.

The colours make me gleefully happy!

There are also two rocking "horses" (inverted commas for a reason :p - see below!)

Sea rockin' horse...he he, I love it :)

One lonely rope were swings would have hung!


  1. Oh this brings back such fond memories of my childhood in Singapore! I used to play in one just like that, with the dragon and sand.

  2. fantastic. love your photos. I really can't believe I haven't been to any of them...

  3. That's so nice Trishie, I imagine your childhood was better for having played in a dragon playground :)

    Next time your back in Singapore Petra!

  4. I was just reading your singapore posts.. Amazing photos, Fee!

  5. I was just reading your singapore posts.. Amazing photos, Fee!

  6. Thank-you! I had your blog bookmarked to read after Sara from querido diário told me about your dragon post :) :)

  7. Beautiful colors! I specially like the detail that the stairs share the same color pattern as the dragon's spine. Was it walkable? or is supposed to be a slide? I'm such a scaredy-cat I couldn't go through it :)

    Hahah, I don't understand what a seahorse (well and a horse) is doing next to a dragon, but is so cute that I can forget it :)

    p.s: oh! and the dragon's nostril detail is incredible!

  8. i think i'm going to dream about mosaic playgrounds of Singapore ahaha :)

  9. lol, sorry Sara!

    Damaris the spine is walkable and then there are two slide which come off the dragon's neck, I didn't go all the way around because I'm a scaredy cat too :P he he he

    The seahorse and horse are random huh? :P


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