Thursday, October 17, 2013

Clock - Mosaic Playgrounds of Singapore

Just outside the Bishan Bus interchange you can find the Mosaic Clock Playgrounds. This was definitely one of my favourites, I loved the pastel and bright colours, actually the whole aesthetic left me smiling.  Although I was the only one at the playground I did receive some odd look from a pair of men smoking on a seat nearby :p 

Love this spring guy, what animal do you suppose he is?

If you peak through to the top section, you can see a wheel that apparently use to control the clock dial arms but doesn't anymore :(

Cricket, grasshopper? Any other guesses?

The slippery slide!
Weeee, how great is it! 
I also super appreciated the 'hands of the clock' pun they had going on with the design too :)

Oh I just noticed the bottom front, clock arms are missing, that's a little sad!


  1. wow, impressive!
    maybe the 2nd one is a caterpillar and the 1st has something turtle like about it?!
    with some wild imagination i guess...

  2. lol lol, no I'm seeing the turtle with it's round head! I guess we might never know *gasp* :P

  3. that is one of the most beautiful playgrounds I have ever seen !! it's got such a fairy-tale look to it. and the colours.. so lovely


  4. so sweet hey :) I love the design aesthetics!

  5. I must say that your Singapore itinerary is very unique, and super cool! (Even I have not been to some of these playgrounds :D)

  6. Awwwwwwwwwwww how cute is this one! so many things to love, the colorful tiles on the roof, the hands, the colors, the sand (yei!) and that two little ones! It is hard to imagine what it is but I see a whale (a very little one), does it sound too weird?

    Decided, this is my second favorite after the elephant.

    P.S: I specially like how excited you look in the last picture. Btw, is that the man that gave you the odd looks? :)

  7. You'll have to visit Evelyn!

    Damaris this was definitely one of my favs too! Okay I'm seeing the whale, maybe a cute baby sperm whale, I think that's the name (if my primary school whale assignment serves me right!)

    Ahh and no, not that particular man, there was a pair of guys sitting on the opposite side in that photo. I think they were curious to what I was doing and a little shocked that someone would want to take photos and maybe because I'm super white as well, I stand out :P


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