Friday, November 1, 2013

Oriental Village at Langkawi

I want to do a final post of all the photos I took at Berjaya, but I'm going to detour slightly and show you the photos we took when we took a stroll down to oriental village just outside the resort. This place is odd but awesome. Here you can get duty free booze, pat a bunny, have a fish foot spa, ride an elephant, eat, pay money to use a toilet or ride a cable car. Unfortunately for us the cable car was closed due to maintenance and the elephants decided to have a day off as well. When Ben and I arrived it was so quiet but we totally set the trend because as soon as we did anything everyone else followed, lol such trend setters!

I finally fulfilled my wish of having a fish foot spa. I was so excited/nervous to try this. I am extremely ticklish especially on my feet so I was kind of worried I wouldn't be able to stand the fish and have to dramatically pull my feet out of the water. It wasn't that bad though, it was more a massage sensation than ticklish. The bigger fish did manage to make me squirm, shriek and laugh but the nice thing is that the minute you move your feet the fish get scared and swim away! 

I actually wish they'd have eaten more dead skin! Maybe I need to pumice my feet more myself, oops!

Ben was naughty and put his hands in, in his fairness we only saw the no hands allowed sign after we had exited.

Another fun activity at the village was a bunny petting zoo. Entry is free and $1 buys you a cup of chopped up carrots :)Which I thought was excellent value!

The bunnies were crazy muddy but I love rabbits so it was worth all the mud they track over us :)

So cute!

After getting our cute on we stopped for some chicken skewers

And we got to meet the resident food court cat :)

We also got to meet, monkeys! 
We found them hanging out beside a dumpster on our walk back to the resort.

Macaques monkeys are pretty tough! 


  1. oh, amazing pics. sounds like you had a good time. where are you off to next?

  2. Good question, I want to do a 50 hour driving trip around our state and stay close to home and perhaps throw in New Zealand at some stage as well. But I'm also keen to go explore some more Asian countries :) We don't travel too much though, we tend just to do a trip a year. The year goes too fast!

  3. Whoa, those are some grizzled looking monkeys. And bunnies! Squee! What a magical looking trip. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures with us.

  4. So many animals :D i want to heal and to get some money an my cameras and just go <3

  5. Thanks for reading along Mariko!!

    Sara you do need to do that, life change :)

  6. Beautiful beautiful pics! I have always been tempted to try the fish thing if it ever comes the opportunity but I am a little scared about it :) the same thing about the monkeys, they amaze me but everyone say they behave so bad with people! :)

  7. You should definitely try the fish spa, it was actually mildly relaxing, only mildly because I did freak out slightly when the larger fish came near me and kept telling them to go to Ben and not me :P

    One of the monkey's wanted to start beef with Ben but you could see he was all words and no game as he hid behind the fence. Then we saw this huge monkey and we took a few steps back :P Every since I saw a program on a woman's chimpanzee eating her face I've had a healthy respect for monkeys :P


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