Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Black Wonder - Hello Kitty Town

Black wonder was the last attraction we did after the wishful studios and Hello Kitty's house, it's located down the back and we did have to line up and wait for this one. They list the times it runs outside, I believe every half an hour - so you could just rock up on the dot but unfortunately Ben and I still didn't have a watch, so we just waited like gimps :p

The story behind black wonder is that Hello Kitty and her boyfriend Dear Daniel have been kidnapped and taken to Kuromi's Black Wonder castle. Everyone gets a lantern and you have to follow clues which will lead you to five letters, spelling out a word and setting Hello kitty and Daniel free, if that sounds slightly confusing, it is and even more confusing when you're inside. Ben and I shamefully got one of our letters wrong. At the end you go up to a lady at a counter who basically told us the answer and then you get a print out certificate of how you went (we got a B) :p knowing the five word answer now it was pretty shameful we got it wrong, lol.  I'm sure you guys might even be able to guess :P

Poor Hello Kitty! The tone of this attraction is seriously dark, I enjoyed it but I did wonder if their target audience of five and under would share my enthusiasm 

Science lab - Hello Kitty's bows

Does anyone know the name of these characters? I don't know any cute human sanrio characters like these except the twin stars

Ben with the lantern feeling around for our letter clues in the wine cellar, again, target appropriate?

Those robotos on the right were super cool and you see them when you first go in.  The idea is that you place your lantern in their stomach and then it (very!) quickly goes through your steps and your allocated symbol to look out for! Luckily Ben was paying attention at this point otherwise we wouldn't have got any of our letters :p  I'm not sure if you can do it twice but the park does seem all about do it once and get it right!

The entrance - setting the scene of what to come

Wine barrel tap, at least it's super cute!

Naughty kidnapper Kuromi - this part is the maze (after the robotos) we didn't really understand we were being timed and had to make it through within a time limit, luckily we're pro maze people anyway :p 

Th science lab

The salon, were they had the raddest art and sculptures :)I really loved this room

 Hello Kitty Pentagram

OH No! 

Don't worry we set them free, well I think we did :p I hope our B score was good enough!

I have one last Hello Kitty post and then it's onto legoland and yup we did both in one day :)


  1. *dies* aaargh that is so cool!! :)
    Lol at the hello kitty bows in jars :D

  2. oh, I got to go there!!! and I might be back in Singapore in December. so there is an opportunity :) great pics!!!

  3. You should definitely go if you get the chance :)

  4. I don't think you'd ever see a kiddie attraction in the US with a pentagram in it. However, my closet gothy self loves this darker take on Hello Kitty.

  5. it was definitely dark and not just because of the lighting, I was really surprised by it but delighted at the same time :)

  6. Ooh love it! But I'm with you it is difficult to see if it is age appropiate: wine cellar, pentagrams, ... and somehow the red bows inside the jars are giving me the creeps :) Glad that you (kind of ;P) rescued them, hahahaha. Ben's pic with the lantern is so cool!

  7. I was trying to see if the kids inside were scared but then I got distracted on our task at hand! Oops, I really think it was scary but than I am a scaredy cat :P

  8. Stumbled upon this post when I was searching for reviews Hello Kitty Town (possible staycation destination).

    The Black Wonder looks so cool, especially since you'll have to save Hello Kitty.

    Hello Kitty Town in tiny though (only 1 floor, right?) so I'm still contemplating.


  9. it's really small but I loved it! I think if you like hello kitty you'll enjoy yourself :) It's definitely aimed at a young demographic but as long as you love hello kitty you'll have an enjoyable few hours!


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