Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Hello Kitty's House

As promised a tour of Hello kitty's House. It was the first thing we did when we arrived at Hello Kitty Town, unfortunately, as an activity on your stamp card, once it's been stamped you can't go back in :( Ben and I actually noted on there feedback form that you should be allowed to go in as many times as you want, oh and more hello kitty themed food items in the cafe! Anyway enough whinging, on with the tour!

What's in her bathroom? A Hello kitty shaped bath of course!

 She's pretty vain but that's okay!

 The Birthday Boy!

I love all the attention to detail! Hello Kitty's parents as topiary :)

Check out those tiles!

 Pretty much my dream house right there :)

Her wardrobe...eep!

I had a big smile when I was going through the photos Ben took and found this selfie in the bathroom, lol! So good

The one good thing about your one time entrance into the house is that it does cut down on the people inside, we pretty much had the whole house to ourselves.

 I probably should of checked if there was any mail in there!

 Some more cute dresses!

 cuteness overload!

 This is the kitchen, I love her fridge and she clearly loves herself :)

The house was probably my favourite part of Hello Kitty Town and it was kind of sad that we couldn't go and revisit it once we walked through :(


  1. ha, a different world indeed :)

  2. I am so jealous! I want to go there so bad.

  3. Ok...I want to live here. Look at that bathtub!!! This is crazy awesome Fee, I'm heaps jealous hehe xx

  4. I wouldn't mind that bathtub Heather! So great hey :) Made me totally giddy all day!

  5. Although it is a pity you can't repeat the house tour, it is so neat that you had it entirely for you, the pictures and experience sure is much better when you do not have to patiently wait for people to be out of sight in the shot :P And I see I have to take some serious decoration advise from Hello Kitty, the outside and the bathroom must the copied :P well, at least the tiles!! now I have to find a way to convince the hubs XD

  6. lol, she's a great designer!!! :) :)
    Yeah I totally agree with the lack of people being awesome. Ben and I seem to have a lot of luck at finding ourselves with not many people around, it's only when there are people, we release how amazing having somewhere to yourself really is!


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