Thursday, October 24, 2013

Hello Kitty Town - Gift shop

This final post is pure eye candy, I love seeing Sanrio merchandise so thought others might appreciate it too :) The gift shop is located on the bottom level and cleverly positioned so you don't need a Hello Kitty Town ticket to enter :)

Tuxedo Sam!! I love him - all  his merchandise was rad

My Melody - pink explosion

Tuxedo! I wanted one of those plush toys so bad but we only brought carry on luggage :(

Keroppi he was probably my favourite Sanrio character growing up, besides hello kitty

So cute!

One of the twin stars

I love these lucky cat money banks, again, damn you luggage!

Love that school girl notebook too (okay I may of loved the whole shop :P)

The other twin star!

And more plushies!!
That pillow *dies*

On that colourful pastel note it's time to say goodbye to Hello Kitty Town and hello to Legoland!


  1. I love Sanrio products! I think I am going to go crazy buying stuff like this when I go to Tokyo next year. Can I ask what camera you use? I am looking to purchase a camera soon to use on my future travels :)

  2. :) It's hard to resist!
    These photos were taken with my 5D mark ii and most likely my 50mm 1.4, I have a bunch of fixed lenses but the 50 is the smallest so it gets used the most :)

    good luck picking your camera!

  3. cute stuff. I've got that Hello Kitty money box, similar one!

    The Young Bridget Jones

  4. did I miss it? what did you get??

  5. ahh super jealous about the money box Katrina!

    I'm saving my goodies for a final post at the end, I didn't buy too much, damn carry on, but I picked up some cuteness from all over the place that I think is worthy of sharing :)

  6. Oh my, I think I died and went to heaven. I want the penguin pillows in the last picture...his bow tie is darling.

  7. That's not fair Fiona! Green with envy mode ON XD Eager to see your goodies in the last post!

  8. lol lol! Love it :) Goodies are always fun to see aren't they!


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