Saturday, October 5, 2013

Breaking Bad - Apology Girl Jane

With the finale come and gone I've felt the need to keep my Breaking Bad love alive so I did a quick sketch of one of my favourite characters, Jane.  It's probably no surprise she was one of my favs, I mean, cute girl, draws comics, played a love interest role, yup ticked all my boxes :)  I especially love when she did that Apology Girl Character but I'll stop with the references in case you weren't on board the Breaking Bad train and I know a lot weren't :)

Fanart Jane from Breaking Bad


  1. I loved her too

    weird that the show is over, I feel an empty hole that cannot be filled. we are trying to watch the sopranos, but I am not a fan, it doesn't compare..


  2. She was great hey! I have an empty space too :( My friends hate me talking aboult the show though, so I also have to suppress all feelings :P he he


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