Friday, October 4, 2013

Cloud Forest Dome - Gardens by the Bay

Okay my photos simply cannot do justice to the Cloud Forest Dome. I read an online review about it being like entering one of Miyazaki's films and I don't believe a description could be more spot on. I think I said to Ben numerous times "I'm speechless" and I kind of got choked on emotion from the grand-ness and beauty.

 It's hard to describe but the gist is, you enter the dome and you're met with this huge structure covered in flowers and plants with a spiraling walkway, the largest indoor waterfall in the World and streams of mists that get burst out every 2 hours creating a cloud effect. I think it was the most amazing designs I've ever seen. I wonder if the old Fee (who got bored of plants) would of said the same but I have a suspicion it might have changed her view :p.

The flowers and colours were so incredible and as they covered the entire structure I was constantly going "oooh look at that"

Cloud Forest Dome - waterfall

Lots of orchids to spy :)

Normally I'm not good with heights but it was Ben this time who got unnerved on the walkway, I  think I was too distracted to think about the potential of plummeting to my death :p

I really need to buy everyone a plane ticket so they can experience it themselves :)


  1. These pictures are stunning! I especially love the third one from the top! So pretty!

  2. great pics :)

  3. oh my! that looks just divine!

  4. Wow, this is really spectacular. You sure had a great holiday. Everything you've shown us has been wonderful, and I do have to buy myself a plane ticket one day and go there.

  5. spectacular! what a vision!

  6. Thanks guys and hey if plane tickets are going cheap like they were for us I'd say jump on it :)

  7. can we go and live in this dome? <3<3

  8. The thought did cross my mind if I had the cash I'd totally get the designer to build one just for me :) tee hee


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