Saturday, October 5, 2013

Flower Dome - Gardens by the Bay

Okay I'm not going to say don't do the Flower Dome but if you're choosing between the two do the cloud dome! The flower dome was lovely but wasn't spectacular :) I think a trip to the (free) Singapore Botanical Gardens might be wiser but if you're on a time restraint, as we were, doing the dome was nice and convenient and definitely no regrets. Essentially the flower dome takes you around the flowers of the World and is a nice show case. We pretty much zipped through it in under an hour, I felt the cloud dome had less to see but I wanted to stay longer in it :)

Kangaroo paw! Yup they had an Australian section :)

This lovely couple took our photo which was super nice, we found the majority of Singaporeans really sweet :)

 Okay I won't, promise! I have a love of taking photos of signs :)

Yay, it's nice to have a photo together! On a funny side note, probably only applicable to people who have an interest in cameras but whenever someone went to use my camera I made sure everything was auto and said "just press the button" but they always wanted to try and zoom my non zoom lenses, lol lol. I think he really wanted to crop us in but I wanted a big wide shot, lol.


  1. great pic of the two of you together :) I agree on the flower doom. the botanical gardens are nicer. did you go to the orchid gardens??

  2. No we didn't!

    Obviously need to go back :)

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  4. Oh, a photo together! I love them but hate these awkard moments ;) Once during our honeymoon in Japan an oldman with a Nikon offered to make us a pic, I tried to explain him that I have the focus button on the back, but after three fail shots (with a nice background perfectly focused) he gave up thinking that Canon cameras were too hard for him, poor man ;) you two look so happy in the pic (and focused) :)

    P.s: 2nd time I got it right, I shouldn't have my wife's account logged in my phone (whops!)

  5. ! Oh no back focus button even more confusing! he he he! My camera seems like the easiest thing to use especially when everything's on auto but I guess I forget that I've spent a lot of time with it :)


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