Sunday, October 13, 2013

Elephant - Mosaic Playgrounds of Singapore

Another long-ish walk from the bumboat heading through Pasir Ris Park will get you to one of my favourite playgrounds the Elephant! It's actually located inside a chalet but there weren't any big dogs stopping us from peering inside :) I believe this is one of it's kind, and for it's age it's really stood the test of time, go mosaic tiles!!

What I loved about the elephant was how they used the trunk as a slide and the lots of little peep holes and tunnels oh and the fact it's an elephant and ridiculously cute :p

Still geeking out :) Thanks Photographer Ben!

Watch how Ben fearlessly tackles the slide!

Now watch how fee not-so-fearlessly tackles the slide - the good old foot slowing down manoeuvre!

And lastly a peek-a-boo shot for Damaris!


  1. What a wonderful series, they all look like such funs.

  2. Yeah I'm so glad I got to see as many as I did :)

  3. Ohh Thanks Fiona!!!!! :) You should see my giant smile (and yeah, a happy dance :P) after seeing the peek-a-boo! Well, you have completely sold this for me, the Elephant is hands down my favorite of the series (sorry watermelon, I love you too, and dove I still have to take a good look at you in the next post :P I'm always behind posts, ohmy...)

  4. :) :) Oh the elephant, it was definitely a fav for me so cute and really well preserved. We did see kids around so I'm sure it gets played on but maybe not as much as the other more accessible playgrounds arounds.


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