Friday, October 18, 2013

Dragon (Ang Mo Kio) - Mosaic Playgrounds of Singapore

With our final Dragon located at Ang Mo Kio we come to the end of the playground series (either to the relief or your potential sadness - I hope potential sadness!) I can testify to the fact that Ben probably wanted to kill me by this stage in the day as I had literally dragged him all around Singapore. 

The dragon at Ang Mo Kio was definitely the largest of all the dragons it was also the only playground we actually saw kids on, which meant I didn't take many pictures. There is something slightly unsettling about taking pictures of kids at parks so I tried to be discrete. I actually think I said to Ben "oh no kids!" And then released that kids at a playground was actually an awesome thing and might mean these mosaic playgrounds have a chance to survive!

This particular dragon had a repainted body and those darn rubber mats, bring back the sand I say!

And my final geek out, it's been fun guys :)
Thanks for playing along!


  1. Ooooh I am a part of the (very) sad bunch! I loved all the series, It was really exciting to see which one was next, and visiting the city with a different approach.

    I totally relate with the kids pictures, usually Dani handles me the camera because he thinks it is less creepy for a girl to be taking pictures of kids :) and we always ask parents. Both in Japan and US all the parents were so great with us and proud that we wanted to take a picture of their kid (a relief!).

    I am happy to read that there were kids enjoying the Dragon! The playgrounds deserve the love.

    I see lots of flags in the buildings? Was it for the summer celebrations?

    Thanks Fee for the journey!

  2. Oh my goodness, I didn't even notice the flags, I honestly don't know what they're for!

    Ben was trying to tell me I wasn't creepy because I was a girl but I just wanted to be really quick and run away, lol

    Asking is always the nicest way, I'm really awkward and shy sometimes, but I love portrait photography, I need to get over that fear. I've been watching some little video clips about Brandon Stanton from H.O.N.Y who photographs, well humans of New York and he is so suave at going up to people! I need to be that!

  3. ahhh, the ride's over :( I want more too! he he

  4. I loved every part of your 'Mosaic Playgrounds' series, you captured each one so wonderfully! It's really sad how they've been slowly disappearing, hopefully these remaining ones will be preserved.

    To answer Damaris' question about the flags, they were probably put up for our national day, which takes place in August :)

  5. Ahh thank-you so much! Now we know :)

    Thank-you for your kind words as well, I really hope these remaining playgrounds will be preserved, it's too sad to think otherwise!


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