Monday, October 14, 2013

Dove - Mosaic Playgrounds of Singapore

After the Elephant and the bumboat I told Ben we'd have to walk all the way back to the station, a good few kilometres, in the middle of the day heat. I'm sure at this point he was questioning why he agreed to me in the first place - though as fate would have it a taxi rolled passed and we jumped in, taking us to our third location, Dakota Crescent, where the last remaining dove playground survives!

The dove didn't win me over at first but then I started appreciation it's epic-mess, the pyramid structure, walkways, tyre swings, slides and I decided this would be a super fun park for kids :) It was probably the most weathered out of all the playgrounds we saw but with that comes a certain charm!

 Slippery slide that I may of wussed out on, I know I know, I'm a scaredy cat!

 That epic pyramid structure!

 Showing her age!

If you're getting the impression that these parks were ghost towns you'd be correct, we did visit in school hours though, so lets hope the kids flock later in the day - I'd hate to give the authorities more reason to knock them down!

You can also see the neat dove playground pin I picked up at the Little Drom Store here


  1. I think that's by far the coolest playground I've ever seen!

  2. funnily enough, they all remind me of communist architecture...

  3. lol lol, I take your point though they're quite structured and uniformed in their design. I think a big part of why I like them is that they are quite simple :)

  4. I want those parks in Portugal <3

  5. I wish Australia see had our old school parks, we also suffered from strict safety laws!

  6. I was anticipating this one since you told us about the pin! :) love the colors, its simplicity using very geometrical forms :) the pyramid is a great addition to the dove itself and how great is that blue walkway between the two parts. Do we still have more playgrounds? (Please be the answer a yes :P)

  7. Ahh I'm glad there is at least one person not wanting to kill me for posting so many playground posts, he he he! I ended up really loving the dove, though the pin choose was ridiculously hard!


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