Saturday, October 19, 2013

Singapore's Lantern Festival - Opening Ceremony

So after our huge day of playgrounds, we hang out in little India and then took a train over to China Town for the lantern/mid-autumn/moon cake festival, opening ceremony. We were horribly underprepared though and got there just as the nights entertainment was wrapping up, we still got fireworks as well as running after and trying to chase down this cool looking dragon but mostly found ourselves wandering the market stalls who seemed close to wrapping up.

I did manage to track down something I'd been excited about - a pig in a basket - which, from what I can gather and what I tasted are the bits left over from the moon cake, a pastry similiar to soft gingerbread. What I appreciate is that they come in a cute plastic basket (which I kept!) and they pastry is moulded into the shape of a pig! The moon cakes are a pretty big part of the festival and every shopping centre we went past had stalls dedicating to selling them in beautiful presented boxes - much like how they present desserts in japan.

(I'm going to take a guess that Psy is fairly big in Singapore!)

I'm still sad we missed out on the actual lantern part of the lantern festival but it was nice to get a glimpse into a Singaporean Festival :)

 Singapore is nearly wrapped up and then it's onto Malaysia!


  1. oh,I missed the lantern part, too. but it was still an amazing experience :) can't wait to see your Malaysia pics!!!

  2. We saw such a tiny glimpse of Malaysia, it was a shame, hopefully we can get back in the not do distant future :)

  3. Incredible colors! I wish I can go there one day

  4. You must had been exhausted at the end of the day after the playgrounds! But that cute piggie is certainly a good reward, I love the basket! Do you know where the idea of having a pig inside a basket comes from? hahahha :) Excited to see your Malaysia adventure.

  5. I have a problem of planning too much stuff into one day and this was our free day too :P oops!

    I actually have no idea where the pig in the basket came from, I might go google that now :)


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