Monday, October 21, 2013

Hello Kitty Town

I need to start this entry by saying, I have a super sweet boyfriend who agreed to come with me, to Hello Kitty Town on his birthday! Woohoo. I swear, it was the only day that fit into our intinerary...promise! 

So Hello Kitty Town is located in Johor Bahru, which is in Malaysia and took us an hour and a half by bus from Singapore to get there.  We travelled on WTS - though the pick up point (near Singapore flyer - aka a big Ferris wheel) was a little tricky to find. 

I was fairly confident we were heading in the right direction and kept reassuring Ben by pointing out little girls and saying, "she is definitely going to hello kitty town!" Well turns out, Ben and I were the only ones going to Hello kitty town, lol lol! I can laugh now but I'll admit it was slightly awkward when we were the only ones on the bus with raised arms to that question :p

So what is this Hello Kitty Town? It's sold as a Hello Kitty theme park but since I've now been to both the Malaysian and Japanese sites I can say with authority that theme park is quite the stretch of the imagination :p I would describe the parks more as indoor amusement playground, though that's not quite right either. Either way, you can definitely make your way through all the activities within a few hours!
When you arrived you're given a stamp card which means you can only do an activity once. Entry costs 75RM which worked out to be $30 Australian, crazy expensive or well worth it, mmm, might depend on how much you love Hello kitty :p lol

Above is a shot inside the wishful studio section. The wishful studio is divided into four activities, cookie making, nails, jewelry making and dressing up. This was the cookie class

You have to line up for each studio activity but since we got their at 10:30, half an hour after opening, there really wasn't many people about.  The most we had to wait, was for the previous group inside to finish up, never more than a few minutes :)

The entrance! The town is located on a level, in a shopping centre type building. It's actually called Puteri Harbour Family Theme Park and on another level they have the Little Big Club - featuring Bob the Builder, Pingu, Angelina ballerina, Barney and Thomas - yup young age demographic right there :p

My crowning glory, a pic with my girl! In japan I literally went bright red when I had to meet Hello Kitty, not my finest moment.  I feel I've matured since then and this time totally played it cool :p I know it's just some actor in a costume but this really made me whole day. When I saw the pic though I wish I'd copied her leg kick pose! damn! Lol

Ahh Ben thanks for letting me torture you! (I love his Badtz Maru costume!)

My nails! Ben had to help me put on, they were so pretty but gosh there is a reason I never wear nail decals! gone within two days! *cries*

This is the jewelry making though to be honest it's really just "thread a charm onto a bracelet"

Cinnamon Roll!

And this my friends is pretty much it, you can see the stage on the left (we actually didn't stick around for the shows) then further down is the wishful studio part and on the right is hello kitty's house which I'm saving for it's very own special blog entry!

Waffles, unfortunately the only hello kitty themed menu on the item. The cafe is pretty small, you can see it below on the right, there are a few tables and a small menu.  There is another cafe on the ground floor but I had already put Ben through enough to demand we go there as well :P

My completely cookie, they give you strawberry and chocolate (and a paintbrush) I went traditional whilst Ben made sure his cookie tasted the best, aka, completely covering it in chocolate, okay I may too have gone down that route after this picture was taken :p

Even though The park is quite lame, actually lots lame it was a definitely a highlight of my trip, I couldn't stop smiling and dorking out and going crazy. Ben said to me "it's nice to see you this happy" and I'm normally a happy person but Hello Kitty town took my happiness to like 210% lol. I also blame all the pink too, it seriously sent me on a drugged out cute trip!


  1. hahaha he is incredibly sweet to have agreed to go with you, and to put on the costume as well ! batz maru was my favourite as a kid.

    I am trying to convince my husband to come to Disneyworld when we go to the states. I don't think i'm doing a good job... how did you manage it ?



  2. ha, too funny. I might have to go there, too :)

  3. lol, Jo I'd explain how happy it will make you! Maybe you can go somewhere he likes as a return favour :)

    Petra, you should go but be warned it's totally lame-ness!

  4. aaargh that's so cute you guys in costumes! Good on you Ben :)
    I can imagine the happiness overload Fee hehehe so cute! Pretty sure I wouldn't be able to say anything but "squeeeeee!!" the whole time lol
    you guys are awesome :) xxx

  5. lol, yup that was me :)

  6. Hahahaha you made me laugh so hard with your story in the bus :) Ben is really a keeper! Happy belated birthday to him!!!! :) All the Hello Kitty decorations are making my heart explode with cuteness! :) Love your happy faces in all the pictures; you are shining!!

  7. he he he, thanks Damaris! It was definitely a magical cute filled day :)


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