Sunday, October 20, 2013

Little India - The Banana Leaf Apolo

Since it was our last night in Singapore, I'm going to blog the rest of my photos and tell you about our funny last Singaporean dinner!

Our hotel, The Vintage Inn was just a few shops down from a well reviewed Indian restaurant called The Banana Leaf Apolo. After a big day of playgrounds we were excited to feast. We arrived to the restaurant got seated and shown to our iPad ordering menu! Wow fancy :) We ordered up and I made sure to get myself a mango lassi (I've got a slight addiction to them!) turns out it was the best mango lassi I've ever had and I'm sure it was the best curry we'd ever eaten if only we could have eaten it - I'll admit it was downright embarrassing what we left. As hard as we tried and as much as we lessened the intensity of spice with our naans, Ben and I called defeat, it was seriously just too hot! Lol

Our meal! BTW your plate is covered in a banana leaf which I loved!

 Poor Ben blissfully unaware of what is about to come

MMmm, my yummy Mango Lassi - though in hindsight I probably needed about 10 of these!
And what we left..oops. We managed to laugh it off though, silly westerners!

Okay onto the random assortment of images...

We did see a bit of graffiti in Singapore I believe this would of been a commissioned wall, though I could be wrong.  It was located a few blocks from Little India

Some sort of club I didn't ask for clarification :p

 More graff and Ganesh

I love the flowers in their hair :)

 and offerings even at night :) Awesome!

I've got to say I miss you Singapore


  1. I miss it too. wonderful pics :)

  2. i'm missing singapore and i was not there :')

  3. lol! I definitely enjoyed my stay more than I thought I would :)

  4. I had a good laugh reading about your curry experience! :D

  5. lol lol, pretty shameful really!

  6. Love the curry story, I hope tap water is free in singapur xD Btw, never heard about Mango Lassi before, it looks so yummy! I definitely will search for one in some restaurant in Barcelona, I have to try it!

  7. I love Mango Lassi(s)! I'm always harping on about them and trying to get people to try them, he he he. You have to like Mango though :)

    lol about the free water!! :)


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