Tuesday, November 5, 2013

China Town - Singapore

So after Haji we took the train to China Town where we got a different perspective to our night time visit.   It also happened to be such a happy and sunny day, so we really scored :) The little drom store is located in China town and I happily spent way too long inside having a lovely chat with one of the owners Antoinette (you may remember me mentioning from the playground series). I also dropped by the lomography store and scored some expired film - it's currently in my camera and I'm super interested to see how it turns out!

It was fun spotting some tiles as well around the area, I actually brought my mum a badge of a tile design that the little drom shop produced but I can't seem to find that tile series on the web to show you, it was awesome though :)

The photo of Ben was actually taken outside of china town but I liked it, so I've decided it fits in here :)

One of my favourite signs in Singapore was the no durians sign featured on Singapore trains. Ben and I assumed it was because the fruit is so spikey and therefore a dangerous weapon :p but we found out, amongst lots other interesting trivia from our guide in Langkawi that the ban is because durians are so smelly! I'm really sad I didn't try one now :( Anyway back to China town!

I loved all the pretty lanterns from the mid autumn festival :)

More tiles :)

and always something interesting if you look up!

I really enjoyed china town and I'd recommend dedicating a few hours for a wander, if you're planning your own Singapore itinerary :)


  1. yeah, beautiful pics. when exactly where you there? I was there for the mid-autumn festival too :)

  2. haha that sign is great! The smell of Durian's make me sick >_> lovely photos by the way :-)

  3. Our holiday was the 4th to the 12th and we were in Malaysia, 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, we could of walked straight past each other Petra!

    I'd love to have a smell of a durian, any smell that gets banned definitely raises my intrigue!

  4. oh gosh, loving those tiles! you are so lucky that you got to visit there, I'd love to

    The Young Bridget Jones

  5. It was even better than I had anticipated, I guess I just love seeing new sights :) I'd probably enjoy traveling anywhere!

  6. Beautiful bright pictures! What an amazing sunny day you got. Count me in for any place with a cow and a lion laying on a roof ;) you know that I'm already excited to see your goodies pics now I'm also for the lomo ones.

  7. Goodies pics are a coming! :)


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