Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Sentosa - Singapore

So after Haji Lane and China Town we added a walk around Sentosa onto our list, I'm not sure if this was wise but I did sleep pretty well on the plane ride home! Those neck pillows, we indulgently brought, didn't hurt either :p 

Sentosa is an island jammed pack full of touristy stuff, here you'll find Universal Studios, Under Water World and a myriad of other ways to spend money. Unfortunately we spent our last Singapore coin on the monorail tickets over to the island, so we were left checking out the freebies Sentosa had to offer. I'd actually still recommend a walk around even if you're lacking the coin! It's flashy and loud but the fun buzz in the air gives it a distinct charm :)

This is taken over on the harbour front side, where there is a huge shopping centre called VivoCity, it's here on one of the levels you'll find the monorail over to the island, though you can walk as well :)

They have a bunch of street performers at Sentosa but Titan the robot was definitely the best we saw :)

I feel it's almost mandatory that when you're in Singapore you take a photo of at least one Merlion statue :p

Or two! 

So that's it folk, we hoped on a plane and traveled back to Australia :) 

I just have a final two more posts to wrap it all up and then I get to share life that happened whilst blogging my trip :P Ben arrived and is leaving me again next Tuesday for another six weeks :( I've been practicing more film and tomorrow I'm going to accomplish one of my dreams which will hopefully start me on a new journey (it's photography related!). To be honest I'm bursting from the seams with excitement!!


  1. Very excited about your news. And thanks again for sharing your trip photos!

  2. can't wait for the news :)

  3. Looks like a very different Sentosa to the one I visited as a kid! Look forward to hearing about the news.

  4. Fun! Can imagine going there and getting instantly happy!x

    The Young Bridget Jones

  5. Excited for your photography news! Already happy just knowing that it makes real one of your dreams :)

  6. thanks for all the love guys!!!


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