Monday, November 4, 2013

Haji lane - Singapore

Unfortunately there was only one flight from Langkawi back to Singapore and it just so happened to be early in the morning, no more island lounging for us :( 

With our final flight to Australia not happening till 10pm that night we spent our last day roaming around Singapore. I thought it would be wise to tick off haji lane a street that came up quite frequently when researching must-do places in Singapore. We ended up happily killing an hour here munching down on a burger and taking photos of the colourful buildings and street art - it's just one street though, so an hour was definitely suffice for us. I'd say if you're into your fashion and planning a trip to Singapore or you just have a few hours to kill, a stop by haji would make a nice addition to an itinerary :)

Singapore's street art is definitely minimal but because haji is going for a more trendy youthful vibe they seem to openly encourage it! which is nice :)

When we arrived at haji it was just before noon and all the shops were just starting to open, in the meanwhile we did a lot of window shopping which was fine enough for me :)

We ended up grabbing a burger at Bergs, which although was no Baboon House, their burgers were still pretty tasty! For me though, it was their iced tea that really sold me, yum!

Haji Lane, like most places we found in Singapore, was an under 10 minute walk from the train station and was an easy find :)


  1. oh, looks like zo many lovely adventures on that trip...

  2. I've yet to explore Haji Lane myself, but can see that it's really lovely. A couple of girls from my school have set up shop there, actually. I really should visit.

  3. lol you should! I'm sure inside the shops are awesome too!

  4. The Tiramisu hero is now also my hero :) What a rad street! Great eye Fiona framing those red chairs in a perfect pile. And your picture with the ice tea has the best bokeh. Hope they are still more pictures until 10pm!

  5. What a beautiful, colourful trip!

  6. i like how all the colors are laid out here. Nice coverage on Haji.

  7. I don't like that a lot of the little street art Singapore can show seems to be commissioned. I hate what they've done to all the foot tunnels. you can't force that kind of art!.

    love love love your pics, though :) I hope to be back in Singapore soon!

  8. I hope you print this pictures and make a beautiful album out of it!

  9. Thanks guys!
    Damaris, I definitely ran out of steam around 5pm :P

    Petra, I definitely like organic street art too, hopefully Singapore get's a little looser in that area :)

    Have already started an album Sara! It's one of my favourite things to do is sit down and look through albums, especially once a year or so has passed, everything seems even more magical :P


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