Sunday, November 3, 2013

Kawaii monthly - October Edition

I'm going to interrupt my trip posts (only a few more to go!) and show you my first ever package I got from Kawaii monthly

Kawaii monthly is a service that sends you five kawaii products, monthly from Japan. It's kind of a no brainier I'd be into it and I love that the products are a surprise. I just got my October loot and I'm excited to share the goodies I got :)

I'm putting the rest behind a cut (click on read more) just in case someone hasn't received there's yet and wants to keep the magic alive! 

So this is what I found inside!
My favourite has to be the pencil case, I especially love the design on this, it's definitely right up my cute alley!

I also got a pop up card, I know Japanese are pretty big on their card and gift giving and remember spying similar cards when I was over there

Passionfruit kit kat! I was also super stoked on this one. I'd try and find as many unique kit kat flavours as I could in Japan but I've never tried Passionfruit, as you would probably expect it was very Passionfruit-y! 

Ahh Japan, I love you even with your excessive packaging!

Haven't tried this one, it's a Sakura face mask. I'm a shocker with hoarding products and not using them, must rectify that!

And last but not least a super cute bento box! 

I'm super stoked now for November's parcel :)

A shout out to Sarah from proud day dreamer so introducing me!


  1. Oh my goodness a kawaii present every month that's awesome!! :) would love to do that!
    Some cute goodies here Fee and holy moly I didnt know there were different kinds of kit kat!
    Super cute :) xx

  2. Oh this is soo cool! I'm a huge fan of Japanese kawaii characters, Specially Rilakkuma! So jealous of your delish Kit-Kat! The only one I've been able to find in the states in the green tea kit-kat! Great haul!!

  3. It's definitely so neat, it's like having a monthly birthday :) I hope they slip in some more kit kat flavours down the track!

  4. Did not know about this subscription. How cool is the bento and the pencil case! Have you already eaten the passion fruit kit-kat? How does it taste like? They should send you the pumpkin one in the next haul! :)

  5. oooh there is pumpkin! Yup all gone, I'm a bit of a chocolate pig :P lol

    It was probably a little too sweet for me, but I've cut back on sugar a lot recently so that's probably effected things :P

  6. Send me your adress,i have some cuteeeeeeeeee hello Kitty stuff for you!

  7. What a great service! We bought so many kinds of kitkats when we were in Japan, but I never saw passionfruit. Please let us know when you try it.

  8. Passionfruit, was very sweet like eating a passionfruit flavoured lolly with a white chocolate mixture. A tad too sweet for me but I did gobble them all up in a short amount of time :P

  9. this is so amazing!! just looking at all those colors makes me happy :)

  10. That was pretty much my reaction when opening it! Pretty colours!

  11. That's so awesome! How much did it end up being in Aussie $??

  12. Mmm, good question, I paid with paypal and I usually don't check which currency just let paypal sort it out, I probably should pay more attention :P


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