Saturday, November 2, 2013

Langkawi - Berjaya Resort

So our full day at Langkawi started off with our free buffet breakfast! The best buffet I've ever had but the details don't transcend well to written word so I'll go no further :p

It was raining and so everyone seemed to stay inside but I just popped on my zoo poncho and we wandered outside. We went down to the beach and found ourselves the only ones on it, we also found ourselves in torrential rain but hey that only adds to the fun right? After doing a mangrove walk we got even wetter by jumping in the pool actually this is one of my favourite memories, something about having a whole pool to ourselves looking up at the rainforest and pretending to order drinks at the closed bar sealed the deal :)

Our only complaint with our stay was the cleaning, it felt like we inconvenienced them by being in our room when they wanted to clean. I'm not sure if it came down to a language barrier but we failed in explaining that we didn't mind if our room wasn't cleaned - they were pretty persistent.  Even though we were out of the room most of the day we kept clashing with them. In the end we had to exit our room so they could clean, it wasn't a big deal just slightly annoying. When we got back from killing time, we found our new towels folded in the shape of a frog so all was quickly forgiven :)

We also met a kingfisher on our walk so for me it was meant to be :)

Remember that funny story I had to tell you guys well it happened right here on the beach. I unzipped my purse to get out my camera, and my money notes shot up into the air and were carried across the beach, I tried to catch as many as I could and run after them but it was pretty damn windy. Taxi guy was totally right about securing my money better :p I went for a stroll afterwards and even as I was walking back ten minutes later I was still finding ten dollar notes stuck to the palms, I just had to laugh about it in the end :)

Morning glory a noxious weed in Australia!

When we arrived we made sure to book in for the night nature tour which is only on selected days. There was limited spaces so we didn't want to miss out, well turns out we were the only ones on the tour that night, lol. It was great though, the tour guide taught us so much and not just about nature :)

We did get to see a colugo, which is a lemur, although to me resembled a flying fox more! I actually didn't know lemur's came in different varieties :P  When our tour guide was explaining what a lemur was he started singing "they like to move it move it" lol, love it!

Hornbills who as I learnt on our tour, have one partner for life :)

And these poor geckos, the most expensive animal on the island worth $250,000 because of the myth that they can cure aids :(

Bats hanging out under a palm leaf. Makes me want to check under every palm now!

We topped off the night with an amazing dinner at the Thai restaurant.  We had to walk along a board walk out over the water to arrive to the restaurant, the wind was howling like a monster and for a second I thought I'd be thrown over the edge of the boardwalk, luckily I wasn't and sat down with a Singapore sling to calm the nerves :p

Langkawi you were magical and Malaysia we will be back!

We flew back to Singapore in the morning. I have a few more mini posts about our last day in Singapore and then that will bring us to the end of our trip, it's been fun sharing :)


  1. wow, absolutely stunning pictures :) funnily enough I had similar experiences in my hotel in Singapore and KL. I was out most of the time but somehow the cleaners always came when I was in and seemed annoyed by that ;)

  2. Ahh it happened to you too. It really was the worst timing. It's always magical when you come back and your room is all clean from the magic cleaning fairies! he he he

  3. Love your last pictures of the resort!! The one with the blue kingfisher in the red bridge is perfection, it's like he knew he matched the bridge so beautifully :) I like also your pic behind the alocasia. My grandparents had one in their terrace, so it brings back so many childhood memories playing hide&seek :) Sorry to hear about the money! Hope you were able to get back the maximum of it!. Happy to read that there is still one more post, yei!

  4. Really incredible and surreal place!! looks like you had a great time!

  5. Those animal shots are awesome! The mass of bats is soon cool.

  6. Damaris thanks for telling me the name of that plant I didn't know!

    It was definitely a lovely way to finish off the trip. I really enjoyed the nature walk because we found out we'd been walking past these animals without even noticing them. When we got home I pulled out the torch from inside out room to see if there was a gecko outside and yup there was, it was pretty exciting :)

  7. It is fun being 'on board' with you!


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