Thursday, November 7, 2013

Singapore and Malaysia Snacks

This segment is completely and utterly stolen from the completely and utterly wonderful blog, the cat you and us, if you haven't checked it out you so should! Damaris and Dani who run the blog did an awesome video and blog entry on all the Japanese snacks they ate whilst in Japan. I'm actually not sure how they managed to eat as much as they did (an impressive feat!) but it totally inspired me to photograph all the snacks we ate on our trip (not really that many!) lol :)

Drinks were pretty hit and miss but I didn't mind either of these too!

Singapore is nuts for hello kitty, I'm going to say even more nuts than Japan. It feels like in Japan hello kitty is more aimed at younger girls and Singapore includes a slightly older demographic as well.

What I liked about Singapore and wasn't really expecting was that it held similarities to Japan, I kept pointing out random things like construction workers to Ben and saying, it feels like we're in Japan.   Ben and I actually have a theme song that we sing, to make fun of ourselves for being so obsessed with Japan, it keeps us grounded :p

You can't go wrong with juice!

Or Doraemon!

These jagabee chips were pretty yummo made using purple potatoes, they also came in individual packs with a different character in each packet which I liked :)

I dunno, Ben's pick I'm not much of a biscuit fan unless it's a semi uncooked cookie! lol

I've never seen a drink that was quite this pink! *nods in approval*

This was taken in Malaysia only days after hello kitty town and look at those poor pitiful nails!

Okay one last blog entry about the goodies I bought :)


  1. I love the packaging on all of this! I would also love to try them all, though I'm sure I wouldn't end up liking all of them, but trying it all looks fun!

  2. I love taking photos of what I eat on my travels too! The first picture of a fish is pretty cool! Great blog tip too, I havn't checked that one out yet :)

  3. I think the problem is picking things because of their aesthetic packaging *raises hand in guiltiness*


  4. i would have to carry an extra bag to take all the packages home with me ahaha

  5. ha, you have some really yucky things in there. chrysanthemum tea. I hate that stuff :) xxx

  6. Ohh :) :) :) :) snack post! thanks Fiona for the lovely words. You know that the love is mutual ♥ We are mouth-watering for the snacks, I can see the big similarities with Japanese ones. My favorite is the Jagabee (perfect packaging) while Dani's vote goes to the pink drink :P (he is into non-natural flavored drinks)

  7. All that snacks look super cute!!

  8. I'm known for making bad choices Petra :P

    The pink was definitely non natural flavoured Damaris!!

    If I would have had room the packages would of came home with me too Sara :)

  9. Whoa, that pink drink. Is that a Singaporean version of taiyaki in the first picture?

  10. yup it was, if I remember correctly the center was red bean paste as well :) It was the first thing we brought at the airport, to get change to be able to call our hotel and ask them where they were :P

  11. You are making me miss home so much! I used to drink guava juice all the time as well as those peel and fresh juices and I LOVE chrysanthemum tea by Yeos.

  12. Sorry Trishie, maybe a holiday in the not so distant future to ease those missing feelings :P


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