Thursday, December 12, 2013

Canon 1000f - Fuji Superia 200 - Expired Film

Okay it's round two for the Fuji Superia 200 expired film, paired with the canon 1000F and this time my commentary isn't much better.

13 keeps 12 fails (24 exposure roll, one freebie!)

Fail Reasons: I found the blacks too contrasty - if that makes any sense. A lot of my images were underexposed and then some were overexposed - to be fair though that's really my fault not the film!

Things to remember: Not to buy this film again :p I'd still like to try some expired film with some crazy colour casts but I guess that's one the joys of film - you'll never know what you'll get until right at the end!  To me I could just see that the images were of lesser quality than other films I've tried.  I love that everyone's tastes are different though and that the low quality that fuji superior has might in fact be it's selling point to others :)


  1. I can see the quality wasn't as good but I love it! the colour and texture are lovely. I use this film a lot I think, but I havent tried expired ones though

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  2. still love the blues!
    i can tel you tha i bought three fuji 200 in a pack and the three developed really differently!erm

  3. true! I did a test with my wedding film because for once I didn't scan it myself - I then scanned a few shots and the colours were a lot different proving that scanning plays a big part but I wonder if their is inconsistency when they make the film as well? Or just maybe how the film is stored, maybe one end of the box was near more heat or light? Now I'm just rambling!

    I reckon there is definitely a place for the fuji and I'm not giving up on it just yet :) It definitely has it's own uniqueness!

  4. In love with your photography! I adore the analogue photography, and I hope to have an analogue camera one day. It must be so exciting and rewarding to shoot and then wait to see the results :)

  5. It might be low quality film but I still love the shots! I think it's more to do with photographer than film, no?

  6. Natalie you should get one you can pick them up super cheap on ebay or from thrift stores and just play around :)

    Trishie, I like to say it's all me but I do think having good equipment or equipment you like plays a part :) One of the reasons I love art is that it's subjective - one person's preference can be completely different to another and that keeps this World a non boring place! (okay now I'm rambling)


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