Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Canon 1000F - Lomography 100

Okay I picked up another film camera this time for $10 which is funny because although reasonable was still more expensive than my three dollar camera and yet not as good quality. When I say not good quality I just mean it has some limitations, it has a slower shutter, resulting in the inability to use my lenses wide open in the sun (they let in too much light which the shutter can't counteract with speed). It definitely doesn't have the bells and whistles of the EOS 3 but in some ways I like it better because it's so simple! It is also capable of double exposures which is fun!  

You can pick up the 1000F from eBay for really cheap, under 50 bucks - just saying! You do have to watch though with second hand cameras as the shutter only has so many clicks until it dies!

27 Keeps 11 Fails
Fails Reasons: The cool things about the 1000F is it has a built in flash which to some is probably hideous but I actually like that cheesy Terry Richardson-esq bad flash style :p I tested the flash out with a few self portraits (using the self timer) at night and they would of been fine except for the fact that I was using my 35mm lens with lens hood (making the lens length too long for the flash range, aka the lens hood left a big black shadow on each image). So next time I'm going to use my 50mm without the hood and see if that works out! The other fail reasons where just ugly double exposures but that wasn't the film or the camera's fault

Things to remember: I got super excited when I got this roll back! I'd finally felt like I had understood the need to overexposed colour film. I had read about not doing double exposures of flowers in full sunlight and about how much to underexposed per double exposure shot but in the end I just thought, more light more light and that seemed to do the trick! I did shoot most of the roll at a very picturesque location so it was hard to mess up but still I liked how the film performed and will (and have!) bought the lomo 100 again :)


  1. beautiful pictures. unfortunately, I can't really say much about shooting with film...

    ps: I'm back in Singapore for a few days and might try to visit some of the playgrounds you posted about. there was a link you mentioned you used as a guide, wasn't there? i have to go hunting for it :)

  2. Ah have super fun in Singapore!
    The link below was super helpful as it was integrated with google maps

    and the mosaic memory was also a great PDF guide

  3. Blown away by the images with the double exposures!! So fun!

  4. oh they are so fun to do! Never really know what you're going to get either :P

  5. Massive love for it! double exposure is awesome

    Katrina Sophia Blog

  6. the colors are great and im a big fan of over exposure :D

  7. yes more love for the double and over exposure :)


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