Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Sunny Juice Box Camera - Lomography 100 Film

Okay this Lomography 100 film roll was recently put through my Sunny juice Camera so I have more of an idea of where things went wrong :)

12 keeps 23 fails
Fail Reasons
Shooting into the sun, the plastic lens doesn't handle that too attractively! Shooting indoors - what was I thinking! Fingers over the lens and trying to do close up shots

Things to remember : The fail reasons are pretty much no brainers, I obviously wasn't using my brain when taking them.  Maybe the problem with me and toy cameras - I'm so use to doing everything manually on my other cameras that when it comes to toy cameras and all I have to do is press a button I tend to just shut off- need to be a bit more diligent & always always have fun!

On a side note I see the light leak again, could it possibly be my cameras dodgey closure letting in light, eep I really hope so!


  1. these are great. I admire you for trying all that stuff. I'm so used to working digital that the idea of giving up control alone scares the living daylights out of me...

  2. I haven't given up complete control yet to be honest if it's a picture I really want I tend to still use my digital. I'm so scared of getting a blank roll of film back and having memories lost, which I know is kind of silly to say since they're stored in your memory but since I'm a visual person with a horrible memory I tend to rely on photos!

  3. colors are great here :) i have a great issue with focus when using toy cameras,always wanting to get closer to something when it is not possible ahahah

  4. I definitely need to remember their limitations, especially with getting too close!


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