Thursday, September 21, 2017

Swell Festival 2017

It was great timing that Swell Festival (happening down at Currumbin beach) coincided with Ben's birthday. I've always wanted to go but for some reason or other the trip never eventuated. So happy, this year we got to take in all the beautiful sculptures on display - enjoy!

The crab was the winner of the comp, the council buys the sculpture so it will become a permanent feature, how cool :)

Any favs? I think the crab was a stellar choice for the winner :)


  1. oh yes! wow! I love the crab and also the bonsai-looking sculpture. so pretty :)

  2. What the heck this is so cool - I want to go! I actually really love that last one, so playful.

    1. It was a lovely visual feast for the eyes :)

  3. So beautiful, and your photos always make every event look totally dreamy! That's awesome the crab gets to stay!


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