Tuesday, January 16, 2018

bought/gift/made /12

A (super late!) Christmas edition of bought/gift/made today!

First up, some vegan vanilla slice I made for Christmas. You can find the recipe here but a word of warning, there's lots and lots of sugar in these! One square was definitely too much for me!

In the bought category, a hand printed handkerchief by Japanese artist Kacoca. I bought this for my morning walks because the sun always beats down harshly onto my neck, so far, a worthy purchase :)

A super lovely card in the mail for Christmas, from my blog pals, the cat you and us!

And a close up of the cute printed gulls. 

 On a side note, when I went to search for the link to the scarf, I typed 'hankerchief' into Google. I feel a little silly admitting but I honestly never knew it was 'HANDkerchief'

Am I alone here?! :p oops!


  1. I am confused because now I can't remember how I spelled handkerchief but probably I knew it as handkerchief! lol

    1. It blew my mind! ha ha ha, I'm glad to be corrected now though, always learning!


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