Thursday, January 18, 2018

Film Camera a Month - December

The last camera in my Film Camera a Month series! 
For December I used my plastic fantastic holga 135BC

I loaded it up with some Fuji Superia 800 X-TRA. The results were somewhat expected out of a camera with very limited settings and a plastic lens (plus the film was most likely past it's expiry!)  

Some of the shots were taken from our trip down to Port Macquarie after Christmas and others climbing Mt. Beerwah in the glasshouse mountains. I have a few more photos of Port Macquarie to share (once I have a moment to edit them) but for now, enjoy the few shots that were redeemable from the roll with some double and triple exposures thrown in for fun.

Also I'll admit it's a tad melancholic being the last post in the series.  In happier news, I've already loaded my OM1 up with film and still have some film shots waiting to be shared. I definitely intend to keep on taking film this year with the added bonus that now I have a better idea of which camera to use for what situation :) 

Thanks for following along everyone!


  1. super beautiful and fun double exposures! i'm hoping to actually start taking film photos this year, doing some extensive research about local possibilities hehe. you did such a great job with this roll too!

    1. Oh yay! That's so great!! Film is definitely fun :)

  2. These are super cool! I also have a Holga with similar results, usually. Last I used it was about 5 years ago on a trip to Costa Rica and most of the photos are blurred, but its kind of cool anyway.

    1. I think there is definitely a right time and place for the style :) :)


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