Wednesday, January 16, 2019

Found Money 2018

I think my 2018 can be summed up by my found money total - $15.38! Wowzers such a year of abundance

Check out that fiver I found one Saturday morning on my daily walk (down a small country street)! Just proves you can never predict what/where and when life will gift you but if you stay open, abundance awaits!

2017's total was $7.45 (doubled that in 2018!)
2016 - $5.95

Credit for this idea goes to the lovely Emma of Letterloves 

Also, big props for Ben for keeping his eyes peeled and adding to the collection!


  1. Haha what a cool idea! Man, I can't recall if I found any money last year... I once found $20 though, that was fantastic!


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