Wednesday, January 9, 2019

Year of Blooms - December

floral blog project logo banner

red and pink flowers

december spelt out in flowers

flower in ocean

floral walk finds - frangipani in glass

pink orchid close up

white flower in ocean

single pink rose in vase

flower bouquet

bodies in nature portrait

morning walk flower finds

pink rose in vase

flower at the beac

purple flowers

holding flowers between fingers

single orchid bloom

white gerbera white background

orchid flower

hand and white flower

flowers in plastic at the beach

pink socks and white gerbera

flower in the ocean

This post wraps up the project so I thought I'd share some ideas I've accumulated across the year

/ throwing seeds into soil that was already put together in hodge-podge way will yield less-than-superior results. Starting them off in little containers is a much more sensible idea (thanks Jane for that one!) 

/it takes time to learn how to garden but don't be afarid to ask or seek out the info and once you start gathering information it will all start to come together and make sense

/seed bombs are more complex than they may seem but don't let that deter you from doing good work and planting! It's way better to try out things and fail then to never try at all.

/flowers are amazing and bring so much joy

/there is never the perfect time to plant, don't be scared if you're a renter or may need to move soon, just the act of planting is an incredible thing and plus there's always the ability to plant in pots that allow you to bring your plants to your next home - plus the bees will thank-you!

I'm super glad I embarked on this journey and I will continue to grow flowers as the years go on.

 I hope I've inspired someone out to dive in as well :) 
Thanks so much for reading along and stay tuned for my 2019 project!!


  1. I love your projects and I'm very looking forward to read about your 2019 one! You are such an incredible inspiration to strive for creativity <3 in many different ways. The pictures here are absolutely gorgeous, the one where you are holding the flower with your wrist I get such delicate vibes from it (I'm sure it would look so good printed!) also the ones with the pink background would look amazing on a wall.

    1. Aww thank-you so much Damaris, such sweet things to say *blushes* :) :)


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